Martin's CV site - a brief introduction

Principally my work involves and is grounded within
Theoretical and Computational Physics with focus upon to Quantum Relativity and in application areas with focus upon Complex Systems.

I am a theorist, with a strong applied side. The integrationm of relativistic and gravitational models with quantum mechanics and an understanding of how this all leads to the phenomena of our observable and highly complex universe, including the manifestations of biology nd living, self-aware, cybernetic systems (the human mind and intelligence), is a lifelong vocation and mission that deepens with age (like good wine, whisky and other enjoyable commodities...)

My work also includes, by conscious choice and direction, research and design and teaching in the Life Sciences and also most certainly in Computer Modeling, Simulation and Synthetic (artificial) Intelligence. These disciplines necessarily go together with respect to space exploration, habitation and colonization; moreover, I have always been a multi-tasker and one who sought to combine my theoretical research interests with practical applications that serve the betterment of life on Earth (and beyond).

Within Theoretical Physics my focus has been on quantum relativity but with a view toward understanding quantum biology and computing. These support each other and need each other for successful development and deployment in applications including those of a commercial nature. In space research, design and development, I have concentrated upon both sensors and intelligent methods for detection, recognition, and tracking of microscopic things (chemicals, biologicals, radionuclides) that matter in an interplanetary or exoplanetary environment, or on a spacecraft, and upon some novel and practical approaches to modular craft for launch, transport, and habitation - thus, a systems level approach, and one that moves in directions other than traditional launch vehicles with traditional fuels, enignes and lifecycles.

I have a strong lifelong motivation for accomplishing tangible, deliverable, and useful results that can be applied to everyday problems by everyday people and organizations. Thus far, everything has been very rewarding. Now I look to do even more, in the company of the Right People and Teams.

Thank you,
Martin Dudziak